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Your Article Resource Box - How To Maximize Its Use E-mail

Your Resource Box is the primary reason for you to write and publish articles! Because, in there, you can put a call to action to whatever you want your readers to do.

The end of your article should transition smoothly right into the resource box. That box should present itself as the next logical step.

Consider this strategy and test it: contribute your most beneficial tip at the closing of your article and offer your second best tip at the beginning.
This is in contrast to a sales letter, where we typically kickoff with our strongest benefit and work our way down to the lesser ones.
In an article, you may want that big blast near the end, just before your readers are funneled into your resource box. Besides, your final tip can carry the biggest weight if you lead up to it, by making all earlier tips hinging upon the last one, and by indicating the final tip to come.

Chances are, you want your readers to take a specific action, so your resource box should hint at more information to be found on the topic. Therefore, rather than sending them to your website, you want to send your readers to a special (landing) page containing specific info about the issue.

Tell them to do so! Create a specific call to action.
Tell your readers how to solve that problem, how to relieve the pain, how to get more of what they desperately want, how they can reduce the risks they take. In short, tell them where they can find the solution for all the problems described in your article.

Similar to what you do with your article title and the headline on your landing page, your resource box must express anticipation, desire, urgency, curiosity, and/or other emotional hot buttons.

To entice them, you can consider using an “ethical bribe”. Just like you need a premium to get them to opt in to your list, you also may need one to get them to your landing page in the first place. Test to discover what works best.

In the end, like your title, where the goal is to have your article read, your resource box must get your readers to visit your special landing page. Not tomorrow or next week - NOW!

And similar to the relation between a Google Adwords ad camaign and your landing page headline, so must your resource box match with the headline on your landing page. Think about it. If your resource box looked like the following:

About the Author
Jane Tough is a certified massage therapist, consultant, speaker and author. Watch her stress reducing monthly workshop on video. Jane is giving free access to her private site, but exclusively while charter memberships last. Join today at http://www.autorewrite.com…

…your landing page headline should tie into that offer. Maybe:

“Jump to the Head of the Line and Get FREE Access
To Jane Doe’s Private Membership Forum… Before
All Charter Memberships are Gone”

Or something like that. I just made that up, but you get the idea.

Remember, everything in your article is designed to funnel them to go to your landing page mentioned in your resource box.

Tell them EXACTLY what to do next: click, subscribe/order/download, whatever you want them to do and tell them to do it right NOW!

Here’s an extra, powerful tip: if your smart, if you’re really smart, everything at your landing page is premeditated to get them to subscribe to your list. Because you can communicate with them over and over again if they are on your list! So it’s a two-step process, two incentives: one to get them to go to your landing page and another one to get them to subscribe.

Finally, when done with all that, leverage your article wherever possible. You definitely want that article reused as much as possible all over the Internet (and off line as well).

  • Post it in the article directories.
  • Post it on all relevant forums.
  • Submit it to search engines.
  • Post it on your blog.
  • Post it on your website.
  • Encourage others to publish it in their ezines.
  • Include your article in viral ebooks to be passed around the web.
  • Offer your article as a premium report for other people’s products. Expand on the article, if necessary, to make it a content-packed report.
  • Offer it for others to use on their content sites (e.g. Adwords), membership sites, as part of a mini-course, anywhere your target market will be exposed to it.
  • Offer it to your affiliates.
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