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Writing and Publishing Articles To Generate Website Traffic E-mail

One of the better ways to generate website traffic is by writing articles.
But just as important as writing the articles is where they are distributed and utilized. How they are promoted.
You’re going to find that that’s going to be the key to getting traffic to your site. Articles can be submitted to directories, posted on your blog, on your website, on forums, wherever you have an opportunity to reach people that may be interested in your niche.

Therefore you want your articles to be distributed as widely as possible all over the Internet and in the offline world wherever possible. For example, here are some sites where you can submit your articles and where other newsletter authors and publishers will come to get content for other publications:


By letting others bring out your articles in their newsletters, your website can acquire even greater exposure. Nothing terribly new about that.

Where most people go wrong is how they try to get readers of their articles to take action. That is, getting them to both:

1) Visit your website


2) Get them to subscribe to your list

Yes, you want them on your list, because that, in contrast to that one-shot approach, allows you to communicate with your prospects over and over again.
You’re going to build a relationship with your subscribers. Having them trust you, so you can give them great advice which they eventually will follow.
That’s how you monetize your efforts of generating that website traffic. Rinse and repeat.

It takes some planning and work on your part to make this desired result happen.

  • Writing your article takes time and effort.
  • Getting someone to publish your article in their ezine takes more effort.
  • Getting people to read your published article takes even more effort.
  • It takes additional effort to get people to visit your website after reading the article.
  • And finally, it takes effort on top of that to get your website visitors to opt in to your list.

Is it any wonder most people aren’t as successful as they could be? There are many places along the way for missed opportunities, where potential subscribers will slip through the cracks.

Not only that, but you’re competing with tons of other marketers who are trying to do the same thing. The odds are definitely stacked against you.

But in this series, I’ll show you some techniques to significantly improve your odds, techniques that 95 percent of all article authors aren’t using. Do you think this will give you an edge? It will…if you use these techniques and actually put them to the test.

First, let me talk about some of the basics of writing your article. If you go to article directories, you’ll find that too many of the articles you see there don’t even incorporate these basic response-boosting tactics.

The title of your article is key, so choose it wisely.
Your article title is your headline for your article. And in a sales letter, the purpose of your headline is to get your letter read, right? Well, in this case, the purpose of your title is to get your article read. You’ll find that many of the same principles of writing headlines apply to choosing your title. You want people to stop what they’re doing and read your article right then and there.

That means titles that are benefit-driven will outperform those that aren’t. Your readers want to know what’s in it for them. So you need to craft your title accordingly. This is no time to be vague or clever.

And before you choose your title, you’ll need to know a bit about your target audience. Their wants, desires, needs. Their problems. What’s on their minds. In short, you need to fit the message of the article, and your title in particular, to what your target market wants. And by target market, I mean those who you ultimately want to come to your website and opt in to your list. So the more targeted the message, the better.

Your title should…

  • Address something desirable
  • Be as specific as possible
  • Convey a sense of urgency
  • Make a promise
  • Be intriguing

The more of these points you include in your title, the better you can generally expect your readership to be.

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