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Where are the best places to submit articles? E-mail

There are a number of places to submit articles. The places to submit will depend upon what kind of result you want to achieve. I suggest mixing your article submission strategies to get the best and most widespread results.
I will list a several places and talk a bit about the strategy for each place.

1) Article Directories - you can get a list of article directories here.

This strategy is useful for sending traffic to your website only if you have a plan to keep up with it AND you are submitting a good quality article. If you want to submit an article only one time, you will not see a steady stream of traffic that is long term. If you are submitting SPAM articles, you will not see any benefit and are really wasting your time, the article directory owner's time and the reader's time if some of your spam articles happen to get through the submission process. This strategy is most powerful when you are submitting at least 1 article a week over a period of several months. It takes time to build up the traffic this way, but if you keep with it, you will see the rewards. Think about it, if your article is crap, no one is going to click on the link you have at the end of your article because they will just assume they will get "assaulted" with more of the same.

You can use a decent article submission service that will submit your article to good sites, and that will greatly reduce the time it takes you to submit articles. That way you can spend your time creating good quality content.

2) Another place to submit your articles to is to ezines Newsletter ezines are a GREAT way to get a targeted focused market to your website. This is something that happens only once after the article is published, but if you write a great article, you will see a surge of traffic to your website when the article is published.

How do you find a list of specific newsletters that would be willing to publish your article? You can check out a number if ezine directories that are on the web. This ezine directory is fairly comprehensive and will tell you if the owner of the ezine accepts article submissions or not. If you have an ezine with at least 1000 people, then you can add your list to this directory for more exposure.

You get some more exposure to your article and also more traffic, you can submit your article to the following places:

  • your blog
  • web 2.0 properties such as myspace, wetpaint, ning, scribd, quizilla, etc
  • approach other web site owners and ask them if they would be willing to place your article on their website with a link back to your website.

The more of these strategies you use, the more traffic you will get, and the more credibility you give yourself. That is why it is important to use strategies like these with content that people actually find worthwhile. The extra few seconds it takes to make an article worthwhile is truly worth it. If you are stuck, this article writing service helps you create an article that people would be interested enough to read and would also find valuable. Warning** This isn't a service that is going to write the article for you, or scrape content from the web, or throw a bunch of words together for you to massage into something coherent. It will take you step by step through the process of creating an article, and do it in such a way that you can knock out a very high quality article in about 2 hours, from nothing at all. If you have an idea, about 1 hour or 45 minutes. (this includes proofreading). So if you are looking for a quick click a button-get an article solution, then don't even bother clicking the link.

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