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Refresh your expressions to write more smooth E-mail

You have your keyword list that tells which words searchers are looking for when they search for your website or your product line, nevertheless you may need some brainwaves to add flavor and improve conversion. I have composed some words that I wish will inspire you.
People don’t notice the alike things after they are recurrently exposed to them repeatedly. In online selling banner blindness is the best recognized example. People basically get used to banners that advertise something that is not worth their time, therefore they stop seeing the banners after a while. The same thing happens with language that are used to make us do something.
Consequently, you need to vary your action language ones in a while to keep them working. The problem for most writers is that it is really tricky to vary the language because of old habit.
I have made this list of actions language to facilitate you vary language ones in a while to keep making your web copy effect full.
Here are a few examples on how you can vary authority words and use normal words indstead of collloquial words.

Indicating Authority: distinguished, reliable, dependable, legitimate, famous, eminent, well-known, endorsed by, widely used, renowned, reputed, notable, popular, first choice of, famed, recognized, trend setting, talked about, prominent, widely, widely recognized as, authentic, legendary, illustrious, trusted by, trusted by, trusted by.

A colloquial word is an informal, often entertaining word or phrase used in everyday discussion. When you use colloquial words, you draw your reader closer because you appear more familiar, more friendly and personal instead of distant.

Be aware that using colloquial words to much to the wrong market segment can have the opposite effect.

Use colloquial words that are understandable to most people with a reasonable familiarity with English. Here are some examples of normal used colloquial words that have found their way to mainstream online communications:

Colloquial vs. Normal words: defect vs. glitch, get a kick out of vs. enjoy, cool vs. great, dough vs. money, honcho vs. boss, glitzy vs. ashionable, keep your cool vs. remain calm, twenty grand vs. $20,000, has deep pockets vs. has a good source of money, bent out of shape vs. become upset, blown away vs. greatly impressed, con vs. deceive, laid-back vs. calm and relaxed, blow a fuse vs. lose your temper, come up for air vs. take a break, make waves vs. cause trouble, megabucks vs. a lot of money.


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