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How to write articles on any subject
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I began, online, as an article writer. These days I work as a
copywriter – that is, I write promotional copy – but the
principles of article writing continue to be an important
element in my business and the methods of writing, in any form,
continue to fascinate me.

I’ve bought numerous books and ebooks on how to write articles.
As WSOs, Clickbank products, hard copies, and others. There are
more created, it seems, every week. The authors tell me to write
them fast, write them with reference to what’s available, use a
template, rewrite PLR material or reword what I have on my hard
disk. And many other propositions.

Articles remain the lifeblood of many website promotions yet
they continue to puzzle and trip up the newbie or the unfamiliar
marketer. The truth is that following any other method than your
own is inevitably methodical and uninteresting for you as a writer
– which, to be honest, makes for dull, uninteresting and methodical
writing – at best!

So what, really, is the best process for writing a good article?

There are many processes. And I’m not about to tell you, unconditionally,
how to do it. Really, the method that works best for you is the
best method – so I guess it’s a subjective thing.

So, what I can tell you now is how I set about writing. And what
works best for me. That means what has worked for me and what I
have used to work as an article writer.

I don’t consider myself an expert – anyway, and that’s not for
me to declare on my own behalf. But I do know that the process
I use is one that has been successful – very successful – for
me in the past and continues to be as I continue to write for
myself. Regardless of what I have read by others – some helpful,
some less so – I know that whatever the topic, whatever the requirement,
I can confidently create a good article on any subject that
might be suggested to me.

Some topics I prefer over others, but that’s more to do with how
much research I may have to do – the process is, really, the
same, whatever my prior knowledge.

What I am going to outline for you now is my process for writing
an article – any article, on any subject. There’s no mystery.
There’s no special writing technique. I don’t use any software,
although I have tried many. The process is simply a mental one.
I know how to approach my writing, I know how to research a topic
and from this I know that good articles will be the result of my

In fact, the approach I use has less to do with writing than it
does with thinking. Writing comes naturally to me – I can spill
a few hundred words onto a page any time I sit at a computer or
stick a pen in my hand. But there’s more to writing articles than
simply writing. Articles inform and entertain – so they require
information and character. The information is what you write about,
the character is the way you write it.

My method – or process – allows for both these elements.

If you are new to writing, or if you aren’t new but are simply
unsure, this may (or may not) be a useful set of instructions
for you. All I can claim, really, is that it is the honest
translation of the practical steps I follow from start to finish
whenever I set about writing an article on anything.

First, though, some declarations of interest: I have been a
writer ever since I won a national poetry competition at the
ripe old age of 11. I’m not joking. I have always written
something, whether it be essays, stories or copy for clients.
But did I start out professionally as a writer? No. I started
as a designer and art director. I was also, always, an artist.
But when I began in advertising, creating visuals for clients,
I always presented copy notes, headline ideas and example copy
for my clients. Some was used, some not used. Inevitably, though,
I would end up briefing a copywriter and through my own interest
in writing I was always able to brief consistently and get what
I wanted from others.

Does any of this make me a better article writer – or writer?
No. I don’t believe so. Perhaps I am better practiced. Perhaps
my interest makes me better positioned. But overall I don’t
believe that any natural talent – or luck – that I possessed
at an early age really put me in a better position in my older
age. It is the process I use which matters most to me and that
is, to be honest, a relatively recent thing. And something which
experience allows me to declare as useful.

Finally, after many years as a designer and art director, I
decided to focus entirely on writing. I used to write a lot of
articles for online clients but very quickly realised my main
interest and enjoyment lay in copywriting - and soon after
realising that I began marketing my services, and have quickly
(in relative terms) created for myself a great client list and
very busy working week.

Articles are not hardly an element in my working life, now. But
when I see questions on the Warrior Forum, and many other forums,
on how to write articles, I reflect upon my own experience and
wonder if some of what I know may be of use to others. I see
numerous ebooks and products on this very subject – some I have
read, many I have not – but I know that my approach was always
successful and my work was always welcomed and appreciated by

So, rather than turn my thoughts into yet another ebook – which
may be seen as yet another attempt by yet another IM-er to make
cash from untypical, possibly non-transferable experience – I
decided to simply write it out and allow you – anyone – to decide
whether you find value in it. That’s all. I’ve just finished
another long day of writing and, for some reason, I have the urge
to communicate to my peers, here. And now.

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