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How to Write Effective Ads E-mail
Are you familiar with AIDA? It's an acronym that stands for: Attention, Desire, Interest, Action.
This is a tried and true copywriting technique you should always refer to when you write any advertisement.
1. Get the readers Attention with a captivating headline. Your ad is going to be next to many others, so you need to stand out in the crowed.
2. Maintain their Interest with benefits that support the claims made in the headline. Let them know what you're offering.
3. Create Desire by telling them what they they'll get if they take action right now. People want to know, "What's in it for me."
4. Give them an obvious call to Action. Click the link below... Sign up now... Hurry before it's too late...Don't miss your chance to... etc.
Creating Unique Ads
Most affiliate programs provide pre-written ads for you to use – While it is convenient, you'll get much better results make them unique.
1. Add a personal endorsement. With all the hype online, people are more likely to read and click on something that you personally recommend.
2. Include a testimonial from the salesletter for the product you are promoting. That's an easy way to get content for a good solo ad.
3. Use other people's ads. One of the easiest ways to come up with ideas for good ads is to subscribe to a slew of marketing lists and look for ads that catch your eye. Modify them to fit the product you're promoting and add your own personal touch. You can use this method to build a massive portfolio of great ads.
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