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How To Write Quality Articles Fast - Simple Guide E-mail

I have over 550 articles that I have written for EzineArticles. In this process I have been through nearly everything to discover what actually works with article writing.

In this article I would like to go through some key points to hopefully motivate you to keep on writing.

Have you heard about this thing called article marketing? Have you thought about making money online, but you don't have much of a budget to get you started? So What is Article Marketing and how is it done? Read on to find out how article marketing works.

Article marketing is basically writing article to get traffic to your website. The way it works is you find a subject, also known as a niche, pick some keywords that are targeted, and write articles around those keywords. Then, you submit your articles to free article directories.

When someone reads your article and they get to the bottom, you are allowed to have a link in your resource box, so the idea is for them to click on the link and go to your website. This is a great way to get free targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Writers are using this strategy combined with affiliate products and Google adsense to make money. This can be a very profitable way to make your online income and it is very popular. You can even combine the two methods and make even more money. Bottom line is there is a way to make money online without spending any money. Article marketing is your key to online money making.

When you first start writing it is going to be tough. This is not natural for most people. I remember when I first started it took me about 2 weeks to get the first one done. After that I could only manage about one a week. I gradually increased the number as I continued to get more practise and became better. Today I can write consistently and produce high quality articles. The point that I am trying to make here is that it will take time to get better. So when you start out your results may not be that great, but if you keep going you will get better and build a solid business.

The majority of people who are looking to start an internet business do not have much capital to invest Many of the gurus had a lot of cash to get started so they had a very big budget. When I started out I certainly did not have a lot of money to spend thousands of dollars on advertising. For me that is what is so great about article writing is that it levels the playing field. So even though it may be a bit slow when you start out if I look at my options I did not have that many alternatives.

Finally, one of the easiest pitfalls to this method is to fall into the trap of following into somebody else's success. You may see some people with a fantastic story about how successful they are with this method. Do not buy into that hype as your success will be determined based on your own efforts.

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