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Create a large list of article topics in one day E-mail
Here is a method I use to create a large list of article topics so that I almost never run out of ideas on topics to write about.

You can apply it to any niche and start having a huge list of topics to pick from whenever you do an article writing session.

Step 1: Write down a general list of 30 topics on your niche market. As an example, in the stocks trading market, there will be topics like options, commodities, gold, technology, penny stocks, blue-chip stocks, fundamental analysis etc

Step 2: Write down 30 questions/problems for each of the 30 topics. Can't seem to think of any? Go to a few forums in the niche and use the search tool. For example, if you're looking for questions/problems that people have with buying penny stocks, you can search for 'penny stocks' on stock investing forums. You can also go to article directories and see what others are writing about on penny stocks and use them as a guide to create more questions/problems.

30 questions/problems each for 30 topics = 900 articles!

Step 3: You'd now be able to have the option to write 30 articles for each topic to solve and answer these problems and questions! You can use your research on the forums and the article directories as a basis to form your content for your articles.

There you have it, 900 article topics, really quick.
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