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Articles and Adsense E-mail
Adsense is definitely the talk of the town.It’s been the impetus behind automaticwebsite generators and portal sites galore.Right now, many marketers are leaning in thedirection of providing valuable content(your articles) on their adsense pages.The thought is, no search engine in theirright mind would ban or delete a valuablecontent site.
Put your adsense boxes on every page of yourcontent site.
When it comes to Adsense, you have to thinklike your website visitor. What is it theyare looking to buy? Don’t stick something onyour site about “making money with yourgardening passion” because the advertiserswith Adsense are selling garden tools andequipment, not money making opportunities.You need to make your content fit into theAdsense ads for the best results.
Now, write articles! 10, 20, 50 – keepwriting and promoting your content site.Advertise your website in the resource box.
For example
"For a complete checklist on the best shadeloving plants, visit www.autorewrite.com"
By following this format, you should makemoney from Google Adsense fairly quickly.Plus you’re building tons of quality contentover time and you will have hundreds ofarticles all over the Internet working foryou around the clock! That means your sitewill do better in the search engines due toall the incoming links!
This is one of those money machines thatwill make you money on demand pretty muchfor the life of the Internet.
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