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Articles And Affiliate Programs E-mail

You don’t even need a website!
To combine articles and affiliate programs,all you have to do is create a free autoresponder series, then advertise it directly with ezines, etc.

Select 3 Affiliate Programs
To make this work and not be a one hit wonder, you will need to select THREE affiliate programs to join. The criteria to selecting these programs are a little different than going out and selecting the affiliate program with the biggest commission, even though this does play a role.
Of course, all the affiliate programs you promote will have to be on the one subject.For instance, say your first affiliate program is an ebook on Mini Sites, then your second affiliate program you sell could be a members only site based on Mini Sites and your third affiliate program could be a service where someone creates a network of Mini Sites for your customers.
The first affiliate program you promote will be one which pays a larger than normal commission on the first sale. Do not accept anything less than 40% commission for your first affiliate program. The reason for this is because we want to make a profit on the first affiliate program. By selling any product that does not make you at least $20 per sale, you will not profit straight away. The main aim of this is to really build up your Opt-in Mailing list.
If you break even, don't be discouraged. Breaking even is an amazing result, and if you have built your list up, then you will be profiting for years to come. So for your first affiliate program, choose a product that sells for around $40 to $50 and where you still get at least 40% of the total profits. Your second affiliate program you join will be in the category of what we call "Residual Income".This is an affiliate program that pays you every month someone stays signed up for the product or service. For example, if you were to promote a web hosting company, and they charged $25 a month, you would get around $10 a month for as long as that person stays signed up for web hosting.
These are great programs to promote because all they require is a little hard work up front and you're set for months, even years. That's why I recommend promoting this type of program once you have a large list of names to email to.
Of course you will still be promoting your free course to other people, but this is a way to make back end sales from your current list. Don't think if you've advertised to these people once, that's all they are good for. It takes some folks several times to respond to a message, so keep reminding them of what you have to offer.

Create A Free Report Series
Don’t overlook this step! It’s vital to your affiliate success. I will go as far as saying that if you create a responsive Opt-In list, 75% of your work is done for you already. That goes for anything you're doing online. This free report will be promoting the first affiliate program you chose from step 1. It should be priced around $40 or $50 and pay you around $20 to $25 per sale. Creating your free report is easy. Either find 5 articles on your subject that you're allowed to use, or create 5 articles yourself. They don't have to be long, only around 500 words. Then send them out to your prospects over 5 days using your autoresponder. Make sure these reports are full of useful information, not just blatant advertising. You do however get a chance to advertise to them directly later.
How I create an autoresponder series is by writing 5 to 10 articles on the topic of my affiliate program. For instance, if I were writing a report on search engine ranking, I would create the following articles.
1. The Tools Of The Search Engine Specialist
2. Meta Data, Yes Or No?
3. How Mini Sites Can Generate Thousands In Extra Visitors
4. Getting Listed In Yahoo! The Easy Way
5. Creating Keywords Relevant To Your Site
6. Search Engine Ranking On A Budget
7. The Biggest Search Engine Myths
And so on..
One tip I have for writing articles is to jot down points, and use those points to build your article.

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