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Article Writing Secret Formula E-mail
Have you ever started writing an article and started wandering off into novel-novel land?

How about not knowing what to say next, or not being sure of what order to present your thoughts?

Me too. We likely all have at some point. The truth is, there are some really gifted writers where this may not be a common temptation, however for most of us, this is just quite normal.

I mean, we have all the material, right? We have the “Subject matter expertise” but communicating that information in an effective, and structured manner, now that's a different story.

That’s when I decided to adopt, or borrow (can't find a better way to say "plagerize") a principle I learned & taught in the Corporate world. I used to coach my employees on this technique I'm about to share, specifically the ones that were writing performance reviews. (especially the self assessments... they absolutely hated those things, and this really helped them)

So, I did what any good IM'er worth his/her salt would do. I blatantly "PLR'd" it and now happily release it to you as my "Underground Article Writing Secret Formula =)
(comeon, that's a little bit funny!)

Seriously, this is going to cure those roadblock problems for you once and for all. I promise. Here’s precisely what it will help you do:

    * Communicate the entire message

    * It prompts you for what to write next (this is brilliant, it erases any content blocks!)

    * Stay glued on track, no rambling or irrelevant ramblings

    * Orders and packages the communication nice and neat

    * Pump out articles 100%-200% faster

Okay, so what is this article writing secret formula?

Well, it’s in acronym form, so its super easy to remember. S.T.A.R.

Can you remember STAR? If so, you’re about to kiss the havoc's of Article Marketing goodbye! Here’s how it works.

S. “S” stands for situation. Every article you write has to begin by informing the readers of the situation you are addressing. In this article, I spoke about the situation of ineffective article communication. Article content blocks, and disorganization, right? This was the situation. By following the STAR principle, I knew I needed to start this article with “S” or the “situation”

T. “T” stands for task. Right, so you’ve painted the situation, and now its time to talk about the task at hand. What needs to be accomplished? In this article, the answer to task is that you need to find a formula that helps you organize, and develop content. A formula that also keeps you on track. So right after “S”, always follow your article with “T” or the “task” at hand.

A. “A” stands for action. Next you’ll tell them about the action being taken. Whether you are related to past tense or future tense, you share the action that follows to accomplish the “T” task. In this article, I mentioned the task was you need a formula that keeps your articles on track, organized, and prompts you for content. So for “A” action, I shared the STAR principle. This action is the answer to the task and makes the situation that much better. Always prompt yourself for the “A” of the article after task.

R. Finally “R” stands for result. This is the home run. Now you simply follow up with the reader on the result or would-be results of the action you are taking. The example in this article is about to happen in the next paragraph where I share the results of this whole plan.

All in all, if you can remember the four steps to S.T.A.R. formula, you will never again suffer through writing articles again. Seriously, it cannot fail. It prompts you for content by asking you questions, it orders the entire sequence, and makes sure that you deliver the entire message to the reader.

I use my no-fail "Underground Article Writing Secret Formula" for every article I write, and I never look back.
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