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Article Writing FAQ E-mail

Why should I write articles?
The Internet was invented for one simple reason, to share information.
The best way to share information is by writing articles and publishing them on your blog or web site, and by submitting them to Article Directories.
If you do this consistently, you will get your message out to a very wide audience very quickly, which in turn increases your reach and expands your audience.
What if I have no experience writing articles?
You don't have to be a fantastic writer to write articles on the Internet. You just need to be able to string a sentence together.
Most Article Directories will accept articles that are as short as 300 words long. However, the optimum length of an article is about 800 words long.
Don't worry, I've put together a fantastic course that will show you how to write articles that will be snapped up by the Article Directories, will get you listed in the search engines, and will bring you more traffic than you could have ever imagined.
What will I write about?
Here is a quick list of just some of the things that come to mind:
    * I have a web site and I want to get traffic. I start an Article Marketing campaign discussing the topic that my site is about. This allows me to position myself as an expert and increase the reach of my web site.
    * I am an Affiliate Marketer. I use Articles to write reviews about products I love. In return if people buy through my link, I earn a commission.
    * I am passionate about a topic and I just want to share my views with the world.
    * I like teaching people. I use my articles to educate people.
    * I disagree with something and I want to tell the world.
    * I run a small business and I want to promote it.

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