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Article Marketing will drive traffic to your websites E-mail

You probably know that a well-written article distributed to the most influential sites on the web will get you a lot of attention and drive visitors to your site. This is called article marketing, and it takes advantage of the fact that articles are central to information distribution on the internet.

Article marketing caters to the thousands of websites on the internet that are looking for original content. Some of these are article sites or article directories, some are blogs, and many others are just websites that need articles on a wide range of topics.

You can write articles and place them in thousands of places to put your name before millions of people, establish yourself as an expert on your subject matter, and drive traffic to your websites.

But not everyone has the time to create articles, and many do not have the skills to put an article together correctly - so it sounds professional, and gets the right kind of attention both from human readers and search engines.

If you lack either the time or resources to do article marketing yourself you need a company with extensive article marketing experience. Article marketing is one of the very important services we can provide you with. We have years of experience writing and distributing articles, and you will be surprised how inexpensive a concentrated article writing campaign can be.

Why Article Marketing Can Boost Your Web Ranking

Most marketers now understand that an informative article distributed to the most influential spots on the web will get you a lot of attention and pull visitors to your site. But not everyone has the time to write articles, and many people do not have the experience to create articles correctly - so it generates the right kind of attention both from human readers and search engines.

If you don't have the time, experience or motivation to do article marketing yourself you need a company with wide article marketing experience. They will be able to create correctly focused articles and distribute them in the most effective way.

The best way is to either create or have a professional writer create an article for you that will focus on a topic so it emphasizes the correct keywords. Your article should be interesting, readable with a catchy title, and it should be search engine friendly.

It should also have the right mixture of keywords placed in the most effective places.

It is also necessary to distribute your article to as many different article sites as you can so you get the maximum exposure. There are many article sites and article archives that are eager to publish your article. That will give you significant exposure and many inbound links to your web site.

The object is to drive traffic to your website. If your websites are properly focused you can use articles to focus on exactly the keywords each of them is optimized for.

Remember, your web properties should not be viewed as a source of links to primary website. They should be seen as "traffic bait" - places to draw traffic from keywords that are more easy to dominate. And article marketing is a great way to  generate that traffic

Inbound links also serve to strengthen the association of your websites with your targeted search phrases. So placing links within articles that are focused on the same subject matter as your websites is a perfect way to increase their authority in the eyes of the search engines.

You should also make use of techniques that will help you avoid the duplicate content filter. This is a process used by the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN to determine if articles are just duplicate copies of each other. If the search engines find hundreds of duplicates of your articles you will not get credit for the links on most of the articles and this will severely limit the impact of your article marketing.

The smartest advice you can get is to outsource your article marketing to an article marketing service where the impact of your article marketing efforts is maximized.

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