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Article Marketing is Over-Rated E-mail
Recently someone asked me how to improve traffic to their website, which was still pretty new. This person was submitting lots of articles to external articles directories.

I realized as I sent my response that the issue that this person was struggling with is a very common one.

Most of us are so trained by the "experts" to submit articles to external places in an effort to get traffic that we're missing out on something I feel is much more important......


I don't think I even have a dozen articles at ezinearticles yet. And yet I earn a full-time living from affiliate marketing and selling my own reports.

Why don't I submit more stuff to articles directories?

a) Because I'm a hog. I like to hog organic traffic from the search engines and have it come directly to my site instead of waiting for people to click on my article at ezinearticles and MAYBE click on my bio to visit my site. What some people don't realize is that even if your site is extremely new and you're targeting a heavily saturated, highly competitive niche, you're going to see traffic from "longtail" searches in the search engines very fast. Some of this traffic might be from smaller search engines like live.com, but some of it will be from Google. So if your keyword is "Weight loss" and you post an article about weight loss on your site, you should start seeing traffic from people doing longtail searches like "tell me about weight loss" or "weight loss tips for idiots" or "how can i have more weight loss" pretty quickly.

And I'd rather turn that organic longtail traffic into sales than wait for the endless loop of the person having to find my article externally and risk that they don't click on my bio link and ignore visiting my actual site. I like to bring them right to where the action is right away!

b) Time saving. I'm a prolific writer. If I add ten new articles or reviews to ten sites per month, that's 100 new pages of content. Each article or review, even on a very new site, might bring me anywhere from 50 to several thousand organic visitors per month (assuming I'm targeting decent keywords.) Those organic visitors are going to see my opt-in forms and be tempted to grab my free reports, or they'll see lots of nice photos for affiliate products and links out to buy those products. I'm monetizing them from the first moment they encounter snippets of my content in Google. They don't have to go through another site to reach my site. For me, this saves time and energy.

c) There are better ways - in my opinion - to get backlinks. Sure, a juicy link from ezinearticles is nice, but after you have one backlink from them, the backlinks aren't as valuable. So I prefer to get backlinks from a small, targeted bunch of places that give me maximum traction in the search engines fast.

d) I really HATE it when I give away lots of good information in an article at an articles directory and I satisfy the reader so much that they don't bother to click out to visit my site. I'm notorious for doing this. I'm just not very good at leaving the person hanging in the article so they will have to click to my site to find out more. So I'm just naturally suited to providing that same level of in depth content on MY site. At least at the end of the article they might click out on my affiliate link. I don't have to lead the visitor through so many steps before I can get my affiliate link in front of them.

So I just wanted to remind people that adding content to your OWN site instead of submitting dozens of articles to external directories might be more powerful than you think. For me, I get far more bang for my buck (or bucks for the time I spend writing a new article for my OWN sites) when I avoid the external directories and boost content and traffic for ME....not for ezinearticles (great though they are!)
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