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Article Marketing as Part of Your Online Promotion Strategy E-mail

Let's dispel a misconception about article marketing right off the top. Article marketing is not the "be all and end all" of online marketing, or of getting good ranking with the search engines. Used as a strategic marketing tool, article marketing is a support tool. A very, very effective support tool, but it is not the primary tool you must use for getting what you want from the search engines.

The primary vehicle for getting what you want from the search engines is your website, or better, what we call your "web properties". This is a group of websites, blogs, mini-sites, or specialty pages in sites like Squidoo or Facebook that are focused on different keywords within your "keyword group". It is these "web properties" that you want to use as your traffic magnet. And article marketing is an excellent way to build value into your web properties. Let me explain this further...

Focusing Your Web Properties

The principles involved in getting good positioning for your website(s) are quite simple and straightforward. Let's take real estate websites as an example. What your typical real estate agent wants to know is "How do I get my website to come up high in Google when people search for real estate information in my town?"

Many real estate agents have no idea how to answer this question and therefore have simply given up trying to score well in the search engines for local real estate searches.

But let's think about it for a minute. When you do a search in Google for "real estate Tampa" or "Banff real estate" or "Ottawa real estate" or "Scottsdale real estate", and you see the same real estate agents or agencies coming up on the first page week after week, how do you think they got there? What magical website promotion formula are they using, or who have they paid to get this high position?

Before you jump to any conclusions, just ask yourself how you think Google assigns these positions to different websites. Does one of their giant computers just pull names from a great big virtual hat? Do they use a secret system that only a few insiders know about?

No they don't. All the major search engines make it perfectly clear what they are looking for - and especially Google. It is a well know fact that the search engines rank sites based on their content. And when you think about it that makes perfect sense. They assume that a site with a lot of information about  "real estate Boise", for instance, is the kind of site people are looking for when they search for "real estate Boise".

So the obvious conclusion is that you should pack your website with information about your subject matter. If you site is about "pet care", then you should pack it with information about pet care - real information, not just bogus fluff - then the search engines will reward you with ranking when people do searches for "pet care".

And, guess what. This is the same information your prospective visitors are looking for. So once they get to your site they will stick around for a few minutes, and may even come back some time in the future.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Of course there's one big problem. There are already a number of other websites offering good content focused on your topic.  So you are going head to head with sites that have previously established position, and it will take a bit of time and a fair amount of work to get past them.

That seems fair enough. After all, if some other web entrepreneur offers more focused and relevant information than you do about the market you are both targeting, she deserves to come up above you in the search engine rankings. It makes sense, doesn't it?

That does not mean you should not keep on trying. It simply means you should be patient and work harder. Take a close look at her site and outdo her by refocusing your site and creating more interesting and valuable content.

Focus is the name of the game. The search engines love focus. They think in terms of "search phrases". While it may be difficult to score well for "pet care", it might be quite simple to score well for "iguana pet care". So if you think there is a market for "iguana pet care", then you could focus one of your web properties on that search term and become the king or queen of iguana pet care information.

Then do the same for "hamster pet care" or "lizard pet care" or "beagle pet care". Of course you shouldn't just shoot in the dark when choosing your targets. There are some very effective ways of doing keyword analysis that will tell you which search terms are worth going after, which get no traffic at all, and which are already over-saturated with would-be experts. Such "niches" actually exist and it is not very difficult to find them if you just use your head (and some effective tools available on the web.)

The Role of Article Marketing

Ok. So this is where article marketing comes in. Once you have some focused web properties you should start writing articles that focus on that same group of keywords. Write an article about "lizard pet care" and point the links to your "lizard pet care" blog or mini-site. Write another one about "iguana pet care" and point the links to your "iguana care" Squidoo page.

Make sure to put your articles on the most important and most influential article sites. And then find a system to distribute them inexpensively to other sites. With the right system it is possible to take one article and turn it into hundreds of different variations and place it on several hundred article sites. What that does is it turns you into an instant expert, it gives you a massive amount of search engine exposure, and it drives traffic directly to your focused web properties.

But most important, it reinforces the relevance of your specific keyword focused web properties. All of those articles out there lend "support" to your "iguana care" website. Google not only sees that your "iguana care" site has lots of interesting and relevant content about "iguana care", but also sees that hundreds of articles about "iguana care" link back to your site.

The result is almost instant recognition from the search engines.

The System Works Like This...

1. Start with keyword or search term analysis.

2. Decide on a keyword group - a group of inter-related keywords (or search terms)

3. Build web properties focused on each of the keywords within your keyword group.

4. Add tightly focused content to each of your web properties.

5. Create articles that are also tightly focused on your specific keywords, and point the links back to the relevant web properties.

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