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Article Marketers - Critical Step Before You Start Writing An Article E-mail

Hello Article Marketers!

As I sit and watch hundreds of articles being written and submitted to article directories every day, I am noticing that a critical piece of the puzzle is beginning to be ignored by most authors lately.

This post is not all-inclusive of what to do before writing an article...it is simply to remind you of a step that a lot of people know about, but few keep in their mind as they approach the creation of an article.

As you sit down to start writing your article, you need to do one final check to make sure you’re ready to go. Obviously, you need to have done the research on the keyword phrase you have chosen to write about in this article and all the other stuff that you do.
But what you need to do right this second is to place yourself into your customer’s mind. Try to realize what the customer is feeling (in relation to what you offer) at this very point in time. Remember that throughout the life span of your article, most of the readers will find it via a search engine query.

What are these people searching for? What are they willing to spend their money on? And what is their main problem?

Now, pretend you are that person and place yourself right into the middle of the problem that they are having. Close your eyes and think hard. Now that you "are" that person...and you are going to find this article via a search engine query, what do you want to see and/or read about right now.

Sidenote: As you write more articles on the topic, you can branch out into what the prospect is looking for at the beginning of the problem, at the end of the problem, or at steps in between. This will give you even more article ideas!

I also suggest that you read some of the successful articles you find when doing your niche research. But instead of just reading them, read them as if you were one of your own prospects.


Put yourself into the mind of your potential customer! Immerse yourself into their problem.

This gives you a wonderful (and fresh) angle of looking at your niche when you are about to start writing an article. It also gives you a look at what Google wants you to write about because the articles you found in your research are the ones that were ranked above all the rest. Just don’t plagiarize!

Also, if you are successful in thinking like your prospect, it will give you an advantage at trying to make a personal connection with the reader in the body of your article. It also allows you to recognize different feelings and emotions that you could make use of while writing the article (which are other pieces of the puzzle better left for another thread).

At this point, don’t worry about the article title, summary or resource box! You are going to write the article body first. After you have your article body written, you can concentrate on those other things. Right now you need to concentrate completely on these three things:

What are your prospects looking for?
What are your prospects spending money on?
How can you keep your prospect glued to your article while steering them in the direction of the two bulleted items above this one?
By writing about what your prospects are looking for, you have a direct advantage as far as keeping the reader interested in your article. As long as you can keep them reading, it’s not so hard to steer them toward thinking about where they want to spend the money.

On your mark, get set...start writing.

Once your article body is written and you know what the article is truly trying to get the reader to do, then you can figure out that awesome title and the perfect resource box to get them you your site.

Hopefully this thread will retrain many of you to remember this critical step to approaching your writing and will help to increase your persuasiveness without looking like a salesperson to people who can be very skeptical to start with!

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