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7 Top Benefits of Marketing Your Articles E-mail

One of the most often asked questions from web site owners is how to generate traffic to your web site. There are
hundreds of marketing methods but one of the most effective methods is to write and distribute articles.

Benefits of article marketing

1. Attract visitors to your web site

Distributing your articles to online publishers, article submission sites can instantly bring thousands of visitors
to your web site. For example, if you manage to get your article accepted by a large ezine with half a million subscribers you will experience a sudden increase in subscribers or sales from your site.

2. Establish yourself as an expert in your field

It's not easy to trust people on the Net because you can't see them or you may have been ripped off by some fly-by-night schemer trying to make a quick sale. If people find your articles contain valuable information that they need, they will come to respect and trust your opinion. You then establish yourself as an expert in your field.

3. Builds link popularity

Search engines, particularly Google, place importance on the number of links that point to your site from other sites or directories. If many sites link to yours it helps boost your search engine rankings with the effect of increasing traffic and thus gaining more sales or subscribers from your site.

4. Increases search engine rankings

When marketing your articles you are allowed to place a resource box at the end of the article that contains a link back to your site. If you have a high quality article that is read and placed on thousands of sites you automatically get thousands of links pointing back to your site which will increase your search engine rankings.

It sometimes takes months for a new web site to get spidered by the search engines. If you write and market articles related to your web site content, you won't have to wait for web site traffic. Instead you gain immediate traffic plus you build content that will help boost your rankings for the future.

5. Helps to pre-sell products

Visitors often don't want to be sold right away. They want more information about the product before making a decision. Writing an article about how your product will solve their problem and pointing out all the benefits of the product will allow the visitor to make an informed decision. Your article will help place them in a better position to buy your product.

6. Gain returning visitors to your web site

Your articles will remain in the search engines and on other peoples' sites for years to come. They will produce a constant stream of traffic so long as you write and submit articles on a consistent basis. Your article may also be a constant source of information for people searching the net about your topic. They may link to it from their site to keep it as a valuable resource for their visitors.

7. Free traffic

Article marketing only costs you the time to write and distribute the article. If you don't have the budget to run a pay per click campaign or purchase ezine ads, write an article. Article marketing may be even a more effective marketing strategy because the of the recurring traffic it produces.


Be sure to include article marketing as one of the top strategies for promoting your web site. It's a self generating marketing machine that produces a constant flow of visitors.

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