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How to write an article? Our system can automatically write articles for you!

As we know articles is very important for business, especially for Internet Marketing Business. But not everybody can easily and quickly write a good article. Now with our automatic rewrite system, you can write an article with only several clicks. Those new articles are friendly to Search Engineer, Search Engineer consider it as new articles. Our article generator tools are very useful for internet marketing, bum marketing, etc.

To get new articles, you can use our Automatic Article Spinner, Synonym Tool, Keyword Tool and Smart Rewrite Tool. Here is a list of main tools and features:

Advanced Mass Article Spinner & Automatic Article Spinner - One article become many articles by only clicks! Input your article and click 'Spinner' button,you will get a new article instantly! Our system will try use different word rewrite rules each time, so if need get several articles from one article, just 'Spinner' it several times. Rewrite Strength setting let you choice how much contents will be changed.

Keyword Articles Generator - Input your keywords,let us do rest job. You can choice combine with several articles,use our automatic article spinner to create new one.

Multi-Language Article Rewriter - Our article rewriter have multi-language version, We now support French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. We have biggest thesaurus in the world, each language has tens of thousands of rewrite rules. We will continue to add new language to help the users all over the world.

Other useful article tools such as article submitter, seo tools.

    Our system can make thousands of articles with only one keyword or generate several articles from only one original article.

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    Lots of Unique and Readable New Articles from One Original Article in just 3 Minutes - Article Spinner

    Most of our tools are very easy to use. Here are guides to use a few of our online article tools:

    Our system including free rewrite tool and paid tools, to use it, you should register a user first, you can Signup Here , it's free.

     What is Article rewrite?

    Rewriting the article is a method for making one article to another, based on the same meanings, but different styles and different words. Because the domination search engine on the Internet these days, more and more people need unique content to get more popularity and page rank on search engines, but article rewrite is not easy for everyone. So we need a tool to rewrite the articles and multiply the original content.

    Article rewrite will help you to quickly change existing articles into new one that have the same meaning, but are now being rewritten with a new style! As more and more people are starting to publish on the Internet, the only way to get decent ranks of page is still by adding unique content for your sites. Who has this kind of more free time? If only someone could do something about this, then people would not have to work so hard. So we created these automatic online article rewrite tools to help you.